int Callmenufunction(t_table *pt,t_menu *pm,MENUFUNC *menufunc,ulong index);

Executes menu function directly, taking care of initializations. The call is exactly the same as if the user had clicked on the corresponding menu item (i.e. initialization function is also called; menu function is asked to verify whether it applies; during the second call the debugged application is suspended, etc. Callmenufunction() allows to avoid repeating the same code on different occasions, like menu call, doubleclick and/or automatic execution.


(in) Pointer to the table descriptor, a structure of type t_table
(in) Pointer to the menu (an array of structures of type t_menu), necessary to find and execute the initialization function. If caller is sure that there is no initialization function, this item may be NULL
(in) Pointer to the menu function that should be executed
(in) Index that will be passed to menufunc

Return values:

On error, or if function does not apply, returns -1. On success, updates if necessary all windows and returns answer from the menu function (supposedly MENU_REDRAW or MENU_NOREDRAW)

See also:
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