int Decoderelativeoffset(ulong addr,int addrmode,wchar_t *symb,int nsymb);

Decodes memory address to the text string in the form "module.procname+offset" or "procname+offset". If DM_SYMBOL is set, procedure must be labelled; otherwise, absent symbolic name will be replaced by the hexadecimal address of entry point. Reports error and does not attempt decoding if specified address is not part of the procedure detected by the Analyser.


(in) Memory address in the context of the debugged application
(in) Decoding mode, a combination of zero or more of the following flags:
DM_SYMBOL - decoding will succeed only if procedure has symbolic name
DM_NONTRIVIAL - decoding will succeed only of offset within the procedure is not 0 (i.e. pointed command is not the first in the procedure)
DM_MODNAME - string will be prefixed with the name of the module
(out) Pointer to the UNICODE buffer of length at least nsymb wide characters that will receive the decoded text. This text  is always null-terminated
(in) Length of the buffer symb in wide characters. If buffer is shorter than 24 wide characters, function will fail. If decoded text is longer than the buffer, it will be truncated and its last three significant characters will be replaced by synopsis ('...')

Return values:

If decoding was successful, returns length of the string in the wide characters. On error, returns 0

See also:
Decodeaddress(), Decoderange()