uchar *Finddecode(ulong addr,ulong *psize);

Retrieves decoding information associated with the address addr of the Debuggee's memory. If decoding information is available, sets psize to the length of the continuous decoding information following addr and returns pointer to decoding data. If there is no decoding information, returns NULL.

Decoding data is an array of bytes DEC_xxx, one for the each byte of the Debuggee's memory. Data is produced by the Analyser.


(in) Address of the memory in the context of the debugged application
(out) Pointer to the integer variable that will receive the length of the decoding data, or NULL if length is not important

Return values:

Pointer to the decoding data (a sequence of bytes DEC_xxx, one for each covered byte of the Debuggee's memory), or NULL if there is no decoding information associated with address addr

See also:
Analyser, Disasm()