int Getfromini(wchar_t *file,wchar_t *section,wchar_t *key,wchar_t *format,...);

Reads formatted information from the specified initialization file.


(in) Pointer to the null-terminated UNICODE string containing path to the initialization file, or NULL if data to be restored from the main OllyDbg initialization file (usually ollydbg.ini)
(in) Pointer to the null-terminated UNICODE string, section of the initialization file where data is saved
(in) Pointer to the null-terminated UNICODE string, name of the key associated with the data
(in) Pointer to the null-terminated UNICODE string. Has the same syntax as vswscanf() or swscanf(). The arguments that follow format must match format specifiers
(out) List of pointers to arguments. Getfromini() does not change arguments that are missing in the initialization file. Set all arguments to default values before the call

Return values:

Number of the arguments extracted from the initialization file (may be less than specified), or 0 on error or if record is absent

See also:
Initialization file functions, Addtosettings(), Deleteinisection(), Filefromini(), Filetoini(), Getfromsettings(), Stringfromini(), Writetoini()