void *Getsortedbyindex(t_sorted *sd,int index);

Locates index-th item in the table of the sorted data sorted by address.


(in) Pointer to the structure of type t_sorted, descriptor of sorted data
(in) 0-based index of the item in the sorted data

Return values:

On success, returns pointer to the element of sorted data. On error, returns NULL.


Here is the slightly modified code of the API function Findthreadbyordinal().

// Searches for thread with specified ordinal (1 for main, incremented by 1 for
// each new thread). Returns pointer to thread descriptor, or NULL on error.
// Uses linear search, but usually very fast because number of threads is
// limited.
stdapi (t_thread *) Findthreadbyordinal(int ordinal) {
  int i;
  t_thread *pthr;
  for (i=0; i<thread.sorted.n; i++) {
    pthr=(t_thread *)Getsortedbyindex(&(thread.sorted),i);
    if (pthr==NULL) continue;
    if (pthr->ordinal==ordinal) return pthr; };
  return NULL;                         // No thread with given ordinal

See also:
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