void * Memalloc(ulong size,int flags);

Allocates memory in the context of OllyDbg. Requests are redirected to GlobalAlloc(). Use it to allocate larger chunks of memory. Call Memfree() to free this memory.


(in) Size of the memory to allocate, bytes
(in) Allocation options, a combination of zero or more of the following flags:
REPORT - report memory allocation errors. Incompatible with SILENT
SILENT - don't report memory allocation errors
ZEROINIT - initialize allocated memory to 0

Return values:

On success, returns pointer to the allocated memory. Otherwise, returns NULL

Hidden feature:

OllyDbg implements optional detection of memory leaks and buffer overflows. To turn it on, search for the following line in the main initialization file (usually ollydbg.ini):

  Monitor internal memory allocation=0

and change the value to 1.

See also:
Memdouble(), Memfree(), Mempurge(), Virtalloc(), Virtfree()