ulong Ndisasm(uchar *cmd,ulong size,ulong ip,t_netasm *da,int mode,t_module *pmod);

Disassembles binary Common Intermediate Language (.NET) command, at most size bytes long, to text. Note that .NET support in OllyDbg is still rudimentary


(in) Pointer to the binary code of the CIL command, size bytes long
(in) Size of the data pointed to by cmd
(in) Address of the CIL command in memory
(out) Pointer to the structure of type t_netasm, buffer that receives disassembly results
(in) Disassembling mode, a combination of zero or more of the bit flags listed below:
DA_TEXT - decode command to text
DA_OPCOMM - comment command and report errors in text form
DA_DUMP - create hexadecimal dump

(in) Pointer to the structure of type t_module, descriptor of the module containing CIL code. The functionality of Ndisasm() is not guaranteed if this pointer is NULL

Return values:

On success, returns length of the command in bytes. If command is not matched or does not fit into the size of the supplied code, reports error in da->comment and return 1. On severe error, returns 0.

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