Optional plugin callback function, called each time when OllyDbg passes main Windows loop (more accurately, each time it calls WaitForDebugEvent().
In general, plugins should not set or remove breakpoints at the address of debug event, directly call functions from Windows debugging API like ContinueDebugEvent(), modify debugevent or call OllyDbg functions like Run() or Setstatus(). Any of the listed actions may make the internal OllyDbg debugging engine unstable.

When OllyDbg executes run trace and emulates commands of the debugged application internally
(option Debugging | Allow fast command emulation is checked), ODBG2_Pluginmainloop() is called only occasionally. To receive notifications on every command, use ODBG2_Pluginexception().

If defined by plugin, ODBG2_Pluginmainloop() may slow down the debugging.

void ODBG2_Pluginmainloop(DEBUG_EVENT *debugevent);


(in) If there is a pending debug event, pointer to the structure of type DEBUG_EVENT containing event information. Otherwise, NULL

Return values:


See also:
Debugging, pluginsODBG2_Pluginexception(), ODBG2_Pluginnotify()