int Plugintempbreakpoint(ulong addr,ulong type,int forceint3);

Sets temporary INT3 or hardware breakpoint on behalf of plugin. If forceint3 is not 0, always sets INT3 breakpoint. Only temporary breakpoints (BP_TEMP) are allowed.


(in) Address of the breakpoint in the context of the debugged application
(in) Type of the breakpoint. Currently only temporary breakpoints (BP_TEMP) are allowed. If type is combined with BP_CONFIRM and OllyDbg suspects that addr may point to data, it will ask for confirmation
(in) If set to nonzero value, forces OllyDbg to set INT3 breakpoint, even if hardware breakpoint were possible

Return values:

Returns 0 on success and -1 on any error

See also:
Breakpoints, Confirmint3breakpoint(), Sethardbreakpoint(), Setint3breakpoint()