Enumeration of type t_status that selects the running status of the application. Kept in the run.status.

STAT_IDLE OllyDbg is idle, no application to debug
STAT_LOADING OllyDbg is loading new process
STAT_ATTACHING OllyDbg is attaching to the running process
STAT_RUNNING All threads run with full speed (unless suspended by the application or on user request)
STAT_RUNTHR Single thread is running with full speed
STAT_STEPIN Single stepping into (entering subroutines), single thread
STAT_STEPOVER Single stepping over the calls, single thread
STAT_ANIMIN Animating into (entering subroutines), single thread
STAT_ANIMOVER Animating over the calls, single thread
STAT_TRACEIN Tracing into (entering subroutines), single thread
STAT_TRACEOVER Tracing over the calls, single thread
STAT_SFXRUN OllyDbg searches for the real entry point of the compressed application using run trace, single thread
STAT_SFXHIT OllyDbg searches for the real entry point of the compressed application using hit trace, single thread
STAT_SFXKNOWN OllyDbg searches for the known real entry point of the compressed application, single thread
STAT_TILLRET Stepping over till return, single thread
STAT_OVERRET Stepping over till return and then over the found return, single thread
STAT_TILLUSER Stepping over till user code, single thread
STAT_PAUSING Pausing running process
STAT_PAUSED Process is paused
STAT_FINISHED Process is terminated but is still in the memory
STAT_CLOSING Process is requested to close or detach

If state is described as "single thread", it means that only the thread specified in run.threadid is active.

Never set run.status directly. If absolutely necessary, call Setstatus(). In general, plugins are discouraged from changing the running status because it may interfere with the internal logic of the debugging engine.

See also:
t_run, Run(), Setstatus()