int Swprintf(wchar_t *s,wchar_t *format,...);

Borland defines swprintf() as swprintf(s,format,...). Microsoft (Visual C) defines it as swprintf(s,count,format,...). While the second form is more safe, code that uses swprintf() can't be compiled everywhere. To solve this problem, use Swprintf() that uses the lowest common form (without the count).


(out) Pointer to the output UNICODE string, at least TEXTLEN wide characters long
(in) Pointer to the UNICODE string that obeys swprintf() rules
(in) List of parameters that follow format, may be empty

Return values:

Number of the wide characters written to s, not including the terminal null character

See also:
SetcaseA(), SetcaseW(), StrcmpW(), StrcopycaseA(), StrcopycaseW(), StrlenA(), StrlenW(), StrnstrA(), StrnstrW()