int Fastexpression(t_result *result,ulong addr,int type,ulong threadid);

Allows for fast estimation of the value of expression saved as a text string of given type at address addr. During the first call, it compiles expression and concatenates produced code to the string. Any modification of the string, like call to InsertnameW(), discards precompiled data, forcing recompilation during the next call to Fastexpression().


(out) Structure of type t_result that receives results of the evaluation
(in) Address of the text string
(in) Type of the text string, one of the constants NM_xxx or defined by plugin
(in) Identifier of the thread containing CPU registers used in the evaluation of the text string. If expression specifies register and threadid is 0, Fastexpression() will fail

Return values:

0 on success (text is compiled without errors and result is valid, even if it is flagged as EXPR_INVALID) and -1 on any error.

See also:
Data functions, expressions, t_resultCexpression(), Eexpression(), Exprcount(), Expression()