void *Findsorteddatarange(t_sorted *sd,ulong addr0,ulong addr1) {

Searches for the first item in the table of sorted data that lies within the range addr0 .. addr1 (addr1 is not included). Returns pointer to the item or NULL if there is no such item. This function is very fast. Note that returned pointer is volatile, any access to sd other than plain search may reorder or move data. That is, you may make as many calls to Findsorted...() or Getsortedbyindex() as you want, but any call to Addsorteddata(), Deletesorteddata() etc. on the same sorted data descriptor invalidates all obtained data pointers!


(in) Pointer to the structure of type t_sorted, descriptor of sorted data
(in) Initial address of the data range
(in) Address that immediately follows the data range

Return values:

On success, returns pointer to the found item. On error or if there is no matching item, returns NULL.

See also:
Sorted data, t_sorted, Createsorteddata(), Findsorteddata(), Findsortedindexrange(), Getsortedbyindex(), Getsortedbyselection(), Sortsorteddata()