int Replacesorteddatarange(t_sorted *sd,void *data,int n,ulong addr0,ulong addr1);

Removes all items of sorted data sd in the range addr0..addr1 (last address is not included) and replaces them with n new data items. New data may be unsorted, but items must not overlap and must lie completely within the specified range. This procedure is usually much faster than n calls to Addsorteddata(). Does not work with autoarrangeable sorted data or with data of type SDM_NOSIZE.


(in) Pointer to the structure of type t_sorted, descriptor of sorted data
(in) Pointer to array containing n new data items. They must not overlap and must lie completely within the range addr0 .. addr1
(in) Number of new items in data
(in) Start address of the range
(in)End address of the range (not included)

Return values:

On error, returns -1 and leaves sorted data untouched, except for the case of low memory. On success, returns 0

See also:
Sorted data, Addsorteddata(), Deletesorteddatarange()